Welcome to The Self Defense Channel

Bad people exist. Your odds of a successful Self Defense are monumentally greater if you are prepared. After studying hundreds of attacks, I know what works, I know what doesn’t work, And I know many programs that ineffective and will probably get you killed in a real life Self Defense scenario. Don’t let this happen to you. Listen latest episode every week for your self defense.

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Latest Episodes

The Most Idiotic Advice Everyone Should Absolutely AVOID if You Want to Survive a Fight or Self Defense Situation – 4 Self Defense Mistakes

A funny – and tragic – story on Black Widows leads to my Top 4 List of the most Idiotic Tips that should be absolutely AVOIDed if you want...

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My True Story – Situational Awareness & Serendipity Save me in Berlin, East Germany – Lust & Desire, a Den of Spies, Kidnappers, Lady Luck

In this episode of The Self Defense Channel, Doc Stull shares his true story. A story caused by  pursuing a beautiful lady who caught his eye. Was it wise...

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“Resistance is NOT Futile” – Foreign and Domestic Adversaries will Always Fear this Mindset – Hunters Do More Than Just Put Meat in the Freezer

Foreign and Domestic Adversaries will Always Fear this Strategy – Hunters Do More Than Just Put Meat in the Freezer. What is an Adversary? An adversary is an enemy...

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SCREAMS for Help – True Crime Stories – Lessons that May Save the Lives of the Ladies in Your Life

Today on The Self Defense Channel, I share emails and calls regarding events, true crime and the lessons we can all benefit from to prevent robbery, rape, and possibly...

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Let’s Play a Game – What Makes a Person an Ideal Victim for a Criminal Who Needs Quick Money?

Let's Play a Game – What Makes a Person an Ideal Victim for a Criminal Who Needs Quick Money? What makes a person an easier target of choice for...

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How I Prevented My Own Mugging Without Throwing a Punch by Using Situational Awareness, Quick Thinking, and Ego

In today's episode of The Self Defense Channel, Doc shares one of his true life experience stories on how he prevented a mugging without throwing a punch. How was...

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One Step Ahead

Welcome to The Self Defense Channel

Where our Mission is To build confidence and create public awareness about the reality and effectiveness of self-defense training. To share current, responsible approaches, and methods for self-defense training. To provide information to empower citizens to take steps to continue to learn and apply self-defense in their lives for safety and peace of mind. The Self Defense Channel seeks to provide information without bias to age, gender, race, physical limitations, level of experience, or political affiliation to all those want to educate and decide for themselves how to best apply effective self-defense techniques in their lives (while recognizing there are many differing approaches that may suit different populations and personal preferences).

What is Self Defense?

The ability to avoid conflict and/or to adequately defend yourself in a conflict.

How are we different?

We are not just about guns & Holsters. Those are tools. We are not just about kicking and punching bags, like in Tae Kwondo or Karate – these are techniques.

Self Defense is More

Self Defense includes The Psychology of the Bad People, Situational Awareness, the benefits of Scenario Training, and learning from people who have dealt with harrowing life threatening experiences.

Why listen to The Self Defense Channel?

Self Defense Training Saves Lives. Period. “Life Changing” and “Eye Opening.” When attackers ask you to come with them, or “Get in the Car!”… It’s not because they want to take you to dinner or to go to a movie… Self Defense prepares people for any type of “Bad Guy” assault… Verbal, Mental, Physical, Intimidation, Weapons, Multiple Attackers, By Bringing awareness in these troubling times, it is our hopes that more people will begin taking care of the most valuable person in the world – Themselves – by getting Self Defense Training.


Let’s say you want build a house. It takes the right materials, tools and training to build a house. The Karate, Judo, Firearms are Tools and materials. Personal Self Defense is the training on how to use them properly. In the analogy. If you try to assemble the materials without the proper training, then you will have build something that will fail in a gentle breeze and leave the people unprotected. But if you have the right Training on how to use the tools and materieals, then you can build a home that is strong enough to endure the toughest of storms, and protect the people inside. The Self Defense Channel is like the analogy above. Bringing together the Training, Tools and Materials so you can transform yourself into a strong home of personal self defense. So grab your favorite drink, and enjoy an episode. The next 15 minutes could save your life, and the lives of the ones you love.

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