Rise in Violent Crime in the USA. What are you doing about it?

Headlines of statistics across the USA are confirming that violent crime and homicides are on the rise in the USA. If you doubt this, then do an internet search on “violent crime in the USA”.
Police Departments are having their budgets cut, and as a result, there are fewer officers able to respond.

New Laws will not stop criminals.
Try saying “Law Abiding Criminal”. It’s laughable because criminals are not law abiding.

Again, let me restate my question. With violent crime on the rise, what are you doing about it?

How are you making your home safer?
How are you making your family safer?
How are you making your kids safer?

We can’t always be with them.

How are you making yourself safer?

Should I take a Martial Arts Class?
Let me be blunt. Martial Arts are a sport. They are great for fitness, learning discipline, preparing for competitions, preparing to get belts, and trophies. Like I said… Martial Arts are a sport. It’s 1 versus 1.

So what is Self Defense Training?
In Real Life, criminals don’t follow rules, they don’t give you advance notice on when they will strike, they don’t fight fair. It’s usually more than 1 attacker.
Scenario Based Self Defense Training prepares you for the worst day of your Life. It’s prepares you with skills, and drills on how to defeat, survive and escape a violent assault with an attacker, an intruder, or worse. You won’t win a trophy or get a medal, but you will learn how to survive with your dignity and your life.

What are you doing to prepare yourself and your family?

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LIVE classes are forming now. Virtual Classes are forming now. Online classes are forming now.

You have car insurance. You have insurance on your phone. Why not insure your safety by learning Self Defense?

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Be Safe… Because your Life depends on it.

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