How Can I Prevent Being a Criminal’s Target? How Criminals Choose a Target to Victimize?

How Do Criminals Choose a Target to Victimize? How Can I Prevent Being a Criminal’s Target?

Learn the

  • Who, Why and How Criminals choose their victims, and How NOT to be chosen.
  • “Soft Target”
  • Weight Lifting Builds Muscle and Ego but why won’t it help?
  • The Common Characteristics that Criminals Use when Selecting a Victim.
  • How to make criminals choose someone else – instead of you.
  • Are Adults the Only Targets?

Grab your favorite drink, and listen. This Podcast might just Save Your Life!

The Self Defense Channel is about Reality Based Self Defense Training.
Our goal is to bring awareness to and the differences between martial arts, Hollywood & TV myths, and reality based self defense.

Self defense training is fun. Being in a real world encounter without knowing self defense is something you never want to repeat! I know. I was brutally attacked for 40 minutes in Shanghai, China. After that happened, I vowed I would never let it happen again – to me, to my family, and now I am bringing it to The Self Defense Channel.

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About Your Hosts
My name is Greg Pasden.
I am a US veteran with over 22 years of military and combat experience. I am now an international certified reality based self defense instructor, 1 of the 3 original Cane Self-Defense Empowerment Coaches, a world traveler, an international cargo pilot, a family man,
and creator of The Self Defense Channel.

My name is Doc Stull.
I am a retired educator, ESPN radio host/writer/narrator, spoken-word performer, musician, professional American accent trainer with clients word-wide, founder of American Speech Dynamics and, an Advanced Instructor and 1 of the 3 original Cane Self-Defense Empowerment Coaches.

We truly do not want people to experience the terror of a brutal attack.
It can be physically painful and damaging, as well as mentally damaging.
Please listen and share our podcasts with others.

Train Wisely to Be Safe.

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