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The Power of Awareness – Dan Schilling – Saving Lives Before the Fight Starts – What 30 Years in Special Operations Teaches You… and MORE!

Meet Retired Special Operations Operative – Dan Schilling – from the elite segment of the US military – Combat Controllers ( we’ll let Dan define the mission of a Combat Controller). Dan is well known for his role on the ground and in the fight known in the civilian world as “Black Hawk Down!” (more…

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Huge Self Defense Mistakes – Working Out in the Gym Does NOT Equate to Self Defense Skills – Meet World Class Body Builder Aaron Baulch

Working out in the gym: Does NOT develop one’s self defense skills, Does NOT develop the proper mindset,  Does NOT develop situational awareness,  Does NOT develop fighting skills,  Does NOT develop tactics,  Does NOT develop good judgement,  … but it might develop an Over Inflated Ego that could lead to a Free ride to the…

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“It Cannot Happen to ME” – Challenging Karma? – The Greatest Personal Danger is a False Sense of Security

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I don’t need to worry about that. It will NEVER happen to me.” This is like screaming for the attention of Karma and Murphy’s Law. Why challenge fate? Why put yourself at Risk? In today’s episode, Doc shares how he twice thwarted a fate that could have been gravely…

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