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In this episode of the Self Defense Channel we are going to talk about Travel Safety. Specifically, Hotel Safety, and 10 tips you can use to make your next trip more safe. Yes, there is a longer and more detailed list, as well as training… but I will tell you how you can get that…

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How to Prevent & Deter a Home Invasion by Using Layered Home Defense Tactics

There are two kinds of predators, there’s the ones that want your stuff, and then there’s the ones that want you. The ones that want your stuff will come during the day. The ones that want you will come at night. “So what should I do?” No matter the time of day, or the kind…

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The Power of Awareness – Dan Schilling – Saving Lives Before the Fight Starts – What 30 Years in Special Operations Teaches You… and MORE!

Meet Retired Special Operations Operative – Dan Schilling – from the elite segment of the US military – Combat Controllers ( we’ll let Dan define the mission of a Combat Controller). Dan is well known for his role on the ground and in the fight known in the civilian world as “Black Hawk Down!” (more…

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Being Followed – What Should I do If I am Being Followed Home? How do I know I am Being Followed?

What Should I do if I am being followed home? What Shouldn’t I do if I am being followed home? How do I know I am being followed home? Why am I being followed? Should I consider hiring a chauffeur or a big body guard? These are common questions that we get from many of…

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Fighting to the Death… Because His Life Depended on It – A Lesson from the Greatest Boxer in History

Fighting to the Death… A Lesson from the Greatest Boxer in History… Because His Life Depended on It. Theogenes – the Boxer from Thasos, Greece. Theogenes was one of the greatest athletes in Greece. He was born in the city of Thasos on the island of the same name in the Aegean Sea. He was…

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What is The Fastest Way to Learn Self Defense Skills Effectively? Military? Martial Arts? Self Defense School? Go Directly to the Source!

Three Black Belts (2 of which are military veterans as well as self defense instructors) discuss what is the fastest way for someone to learn self defense skills effectively. The answers are unanimous. The answers are well explained. The answers apply to skilled as well as un-skilled people. The answers apply to people with or…

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What Makes The Self Defense Channel One of the Best Self Defense Podcasts in the World? – Greg and Doc Discuss High Powered Guests, Topics, Mentors and What Fans Want

What has made The Self Defense Channel one of the TOP podcasts in the world? World Class Guests & Topics Some of the World’s TOP Mentors Loyal Fans In this episode, Greg and Doc discuss how the podcast was created, and flourished with the help of world class mentors (Navy SEALS, CIA agents, Army RANGERS,…

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How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear using Stress Inoculation with Reality Based Self Defense Scenarios and Training – Never Walk in Fear

In This Episode… We are going to talk about How to Overcome our fears by using a set of drills and techniques called Stress Inoculation.   What is Stress Inoculation?  It is a method of teaching people how to manage stress and manage the Adrenaline “Dump” that goes along with it. To Become Empowered. To…

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Huge Self Defense Mistakes – Working Out in the Gym Does NOT Equate to Self Defense Skills – Meet World Class Body Builder Aaron Baulch

Working out in the gym: Does NOT develop one’s self defense skills, Does NOT develop the proper mindset,  Does NOT develop situational awareness,  Does NOT develop fighting skills,  Does NOT develop tactics,  Does NOT develop good judgement,  … but it might develop an Over Inflated Ego that could lead to a Free ride to the…

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