The Self Defense Channel’s Home Security Analysis Worksheet

The Self Defense Channel’s Home Security Analysis Worksheet

The Self Defense Channel
The Self Defense Channel
The Self Defense Channel’s Home Security Analysis Worksheet

How can I Make my Home Safer? – How can I Prevent a Burglary or Home Invasion from Happening in My Home?
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• 34% of break-ins are through the front door
• 23% through first floor windows
• 22% through the backdoor
• 9% through the garage
• 6% from other unlocked entrances
• 4% through basement entrance
• 2% through second floor window

1. _____ Are all exterior doors solid wood or metal?
2. _____ Do all exterior doors have a deadbolt with a one inch throw bolt?
3. _____ Does exterior doors use a heavy duty strike plate with three-inch wood screws?
4. ____ Does the strike plate have a minimum of four screws in it?
5. ____ Do the door hinges have two to three inch screws that are fully threaded?
6. _____ Does the front door have a peephole?
7. _____ Is anything covering the peephole?
8. _____ Does the front door have a mail slot?
9. _____ If glass is within three-feet of lock of the front door, does the door have a double-cylinder deadbolt?
10. ____ Is glass within three-feet of the backdoor or a side door to the garage?
11. ____ Do all sliding glass doors have a wooden dowel in the track to prevent opening?
12. ____ Does the sliding glass door have a key lock? (Makes it more difficult for a burglar to remove stolen property.)
13. ____ When is the last time you changed your locks?
14. _____ Have you lost any keys to the house?
15. _____ Are the keys ever left lying around the house where a child’s friend, or house cleaner or someone else could swipe a key?
16. ____ Is there a hidden key stored anywhere outside?
17. ____ Is there a key given to the neighbor?
18. ____ Are any keys on your key ring marked? (Such as with the word “home”)
19. ____ Can you make a list of everyone who has a key to your house? (Have your children or spouse given keys to other people?)
20. ____ Do you own a dog for protection?
21. ____ Do you have a pet door entrance anywhere?
22. ___ Do you have a “beware of dog sign” on the back entrance to the house or anywhere else?
23. ____ Are all of the windows throughout the entire house locked?
24. ____ Do the windows have screws on upper track to prevent window from being lifted?
25. ____ Do the windows have key locks on them?
26. ____ Do all of the windows have curtains so people can’t see into the house?
27. ____ Are there any trees or fences or other means of easily accessing the second floor windows?
28. ____ Are there any large bushes near the front door?
29. ____ Is there anything at all near the front door where a burglar could hide?
30. ____ Are prickly bushes planted below the lower level windows? (Such as bouganvilla, golden raspberry or black raspberry bush.)
31. ____ Are there bushes or items around the windows where someone could hide?
32. ____ Is the lawn mowed and house properly taken care of so that it gives the appearance someone lives in it?
33. ____ Are there any tools or ladders left outside, which a burglar could use to gain access to the house?
34. ____ Are sheds or outbuildings securely locked with a padlock or other device?
35. ____ Is the house number clearly displayed near the front door so police and fire can easily find the house in case of an emergency?
36. ____ Is the house number clearly displayed on the mailbox with reflective numbers?
37. ____ Is your last name on your mailbox or displayed anywhere on the outside of your house? (Not a good idea, criminals can call directory assistance and find out if you’re home.)
38. ____ Are multiple lights in the house set on automatic timers?
39. ____ Is the TV or radio set on automatic timers for when you’re out of town?
40. _____ At night, is there ample lighting at the front door to identify all visitors?
41. ____ Is there ample lighting all around the house? For all entrances of the house and around windows?
42. ____ Are the exterior lights on timers? Do they go on at 6pm every day and shut off at 6am in the morning?
43. ____ Is all exterior lighting high and out of reach of a potential burglar?
44. ____ If you choose not to leave back yard lights on all night, do you have infraredmotion sensor lights for the back of the house?
45. ____ Do you always close your garage door even when you are home?
46. ____ Is the door leading to the garage a solid door with a deadbolt? Is the deadbolt always used even when you’re at home?
47. ____ When the garage door is opened does a light automatically come on?
48. ____ Does the garage door have windows? (Not recommended) Is the emergency release cord wrapped so a burglar can’t get to it?
49. ____ Do you leave your garage door opener in your car at night when the car is parked in your driveway?
50. ____ If you have a keypad for the garage door, who knows the code besides you?
51. ____ When is the last time you changed the code on the keypad for your garage door?
52. ____ Do you leave a spare house key in your car at night in the driveway?
53. ____ Do you have an alarm system?
54. ____ Do you have a home security sign in your front yard? (whether or not you have a security system.)
55. ____ Do you have a home security sign or a window decal on your back yard entrance?
56. ____ Is the alarm connected to any motion sensors in the house? (near the front door, near the back door.)
57. ____ Is the alarm connected to any glass-break sensors in case a window gets broken?
58. ____ Do you always remember to set the alarm even to run to the store for just a few minutes?
59. ____ Who knows the code to your alarm system besides you?
60. ____ When is the last time you changed the code on your alarm system?
61. ____ Do you use a door jam alarm on other areas of the house?
62. ____ Does the alarm system include security cameras?
63. ____ Is a security camera outside capturing the front door and driveway?
64. ____ Is there a security camera inside the house capturing the main entrance and front door area?
65. ____ Is there a security camera outside capturing the back door and basement entrance?
66. ____ What type of security cameras are you using? (motion sensitive, night vision, complete DVR kit)
67. ____ Are any of the security cameras hidden?
68. ____ If you don’t use “live” security cameras, do you have any fake security cameras around the house?
69. ____ Are there smoke detectors on every level of the house and do they work?
70. ____ Is there a fire extinguisher in the kitchen?
71. ____ Are valuable documents stored in a fireproof safe?
72. ____ Do you have emergency cash stored in the safe (at least $1,000)?
73. ____ Do you store half your emergency cash in the safe and the other half in a decoy safe such as a can of shaving cream or soup can?
74. ____ Do you have two fireproof (Sentry brand) safes, with one to use as a decoy and the other to store the valuables? 75. ____ If someone visits your house, such as a plumber, are there valuables laying around the house revealing you have money?
76. ____ Are all valuables engraved with your driver’s license number?
77. ____ Are valuables photographed for insurance purposes?
78. ____ Do you leave any valuable information inside your car at night or during the day, which tells people details about your home and family? (Imagine if your vehicle is broken into. They find your garage door opener and registration with your address).
79. ____ When you go on vacation do you have a neighbor that can check your house every two days?
80. ____ When you go on vacation do you leave any signs at all? (An answering machine, a facebook message, the newspaper piling up on the front door.)
81. ____ When you go on vacation to you have lights on timers that turn on in different areas of the house? (A light in the kitchen and one in the upstairs hallway.)
82. ____ Do you have a firearm stored in the house?
83. ____ Do you own a handgun and a shotgun?
84. ____ Do you have a firearm stored on each level of the house?
85. ____ Have all members of the house received firearms training?
86. ____ Does each member of the family know how to operate every single gun that you own?
87. ____ How are the firearms stored? (In a safe, a Gun Vault, etc.)
88. ____ Do you always keep your self defense gun loaded with a round in the chamber?
89. ____ Do you have an extra magazine, fully loaded with the gun?
90. ____ Are you using jacketed hollow point self defense ammunition? (Such as Cor-Bon, Speer Gold Dot, Federal Hydrashok)
91. ____ Do you have at least 100 rounds of self-defense ammunition in the house?
92. ____ Do you have a flashlight with the gun, such as a SureFire?
93. ____ Do you have a knife? (Such as a Benchmade or Cold Steel)
94. ____ Have you practiced how long it will take you to access the gun, if you are suddenly awoken in the middle of the night?
95. ____ Do you designated a safe room?
96. ____ Does the safe room have a solid core door?
97. ____ Does the safe room have a deadbolt and use three inch screws?
98. ____ Does the safe room have a peephole?
99. ____ Does the safe room have the following items: a cell phone to call the police, a 72-hour kit with first aid, a flashlight, a firearm with plenty of ammunition, a set of house keys, a glow stick (to throw your keys to the police out the window), a fire ladder, a knife.
100. ____What area of the safe room will everyone gather in?
101. ____ Does the safe room provide cover in case someone comes through the door?
102. ____ If you have to shoot someone coming into the safe room, where will the bullet likely go?
103. ____ Do you know all of your neighbors, any problems with neighbors?
104. ____ Have you thought about a baby gate on the stairs leading to the bedroom?
105. ____ How would a kid sneak in and out of the house?
106. ____ Before you take out your trash do you shred all documents with personal information?
107. ____ Do you own a wireless annunciator which alerts you when someone comes in your driveway or walks up to your front door?
108. ____ Wireless backup for alarm system in case a burglar cuts the phone lines 
109. ____ Have you considered a certified Self Defense Course? (Online, Virtual, Live).
(Online – learn Self Defense at your own pace at anytime and any place. Recorded Sessions.)
(Virtual – learn Self Defense with a LIVE instructor via Zoom Live Sessions and recorded sessions)
(LIVE – meet in person for training)

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