Month: August 2021

Tactical Spy Umbrella – Used by Spies and Clandestine Operators

The Tactical Spy Umbrella – A Self Defense Umbrella used by Spies and Clandestine Operators Have you ever wanted to be a spy? Have you ever wanted to have a secret weapon like James Bond? Do they exist? Yes they do, and one of our favorites is the Tactical Spy Umbrella. Why do we like…

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Cane Self Defense Classes

Cane Self Defense Training $299 $549 45% off LIVE online classes with Certified Cane Self Defense instructors.This Course includes:  + A Dojo Cane by American Canes (Hardwood Oak Canes made in America) + 12 LIVE Cane Self Defense Training Classes (as a minimum)* * You may continue the classes as long as you want+ Level 1 Graduation, Certification & Awards +…

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Legal Insurance

Legal Insurance – Do I want to be FREE or in Jail? When you join U.S. LawShield® you receive essential coverage, peace of mind, and a simple-to-understand plan that’s so affordable. So much protection for such a low price – it all makes perfect sense when you understand our heritage, our founding attorney’s mission and passion…

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