Rise in Violent Crime in the USA. What are you doing about it? Headlines of statistics across the USA are confirming that violent crime and homicides are on the rise in the USA. If you doubt this, then do an internet search on “violent crime in the USA”.Police Departments are having their budgets cut, and…

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Self Defense Classes in Columbus Ohio – Real Life Self Defense Training

Self Defense Training Classes in Columbus, Ohio COBRA Self Defense in Columbus, Ohio will help you move through the world in a safer way. We won’t teach you how to bow. We won’t teach you how to wear pajamas. We teach “Real World” scenarios. We get you ready to overcome a criminal event. What we…

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The Origins of Memorial Day

The Origins of Memorial Day by Matt Fratus In front of a grave marked with spring flowers and a small American flag, Gilbert Freer held his bugle at his side. He had just finished playing taps at Mount Hope Cemetery in Boston on May 30, 1868. Freer had stubbly facial hair, but his blue Union army uniform…

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“Here’s to the good times, here’s to the bad times, and the memories we’ll always have.” Memorial Day Video by Mat Best

Memorial Day Video by Mat Best “Here’s to the good times, here’s to the bad times, and the memories we’ll always have.” The most simple words, the most direct phrases, often land the hardest. As the nation winds down its longest war, maybe this Memorial Day weekend lands a little differently for some. But most…

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Could I Survive A Total Power Failure? Improve Your Chances

A total power failure would shut down the USA. And if the power was out for a year, the cascading effect estimates that only 10% would still be alive. KYLE: “The susceptibility of the United States power grid is very high, and the government knows it.”TSDC: “Are the people in Congress trying to fix this…

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Are there Self Defense Training Classes Specifically for: Women/Men, College Students, Teens and Children? – Yes!

FACT: C.O.B.R.A.™ is The Number #1 Self Defense Training System Worldwide. Congratulations and welcome to the Combat Objective Battle Ready Application self-defense program (C.O.B.R.A.™). You are participating in an exciting and cutting-edge training program to greatly increase your physical and mental ability to defend yourself and others around you. Participating in the C.O.B.R.A.™ program, puts…

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