How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear using Stress Inoculation with Reality Based Self Defense Scenarios and Training – Never Walk in Fear

How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear using Stress Inoculation with Reality Based Self Defense Scenarios and Training – Never Walk in Fear

In This Episode…
We are going to talk about How to Overcome our fears by using a set of drills and techniques called Stress Inoculation.


What is Stress Inoculation?

 It is a method of teaching people how to manage stress and manage the Adrenaline “Dump” that goes along with it. To Become Empowered. To Gain Confidence. To become Fearless.

 How is this done?
 Students are put into simulated scenarios with simulated stressful situations. There is confusion and one’s body will naturally increase the amount of adrenaline released into ones body. 


 For An Untrained Person, They will experience:

  •  Tunnel Vision, 
  •  Loss of Color vision, 
  •  Loss of some of their hearing, 
  •  Loss of their voice, 
  •  Panic, 
  •  Irrational thinking, 
  • and many other effects of Stress.

But to overcome these physical effects, we do training that is called Stress Inoculation. 


If you want to learn about How to Manage this type of Stress, Give us a call at The Self Defense Channel. 
 We offer a Self Defense program that is yours to learn, to internalize, and to keep as long as you like. 

No one should be taking away:

  •  Your FREEDOMs. 
  •  Your Liberties.
  •  or Your Dignity.

 If you are interested in walking in this world without fear, let’s talk.
To schedule a time to talk here is all you need to do…
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and within 24 hours, someone will be scheduling you a no cost 30 minute Self Defense Stress Inoculation call.

Be Empowered! Be Safe! and Unleash Your Inner Badass!

What’s Next?  Grab your favorite drink, and listen… This Podcast might just Save Your Life!

The Self Defense Channel is about Reality Based Self Defense Training.
Our goal is to bring awareness to Self Defense Training, what works so that you can defend yourself and end the conflict.

Reality Based Self defense training is enlightening and fun. But being in a real world encounter without knowing self defense is something you never want to repeat!

Reality Based Self Defense?
What is Reality Based Self Defense Training? – CLICK HERE (video)

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About Your Hosts
Greg Pasden
Not only is Greg an expert in reality based self defense training, he is also
a US veteran with over 22 years of military and combat experience,  an international certified instructor and co-owner of COBRA Columbus Self Defense Training – teaching reality based self defense. He is 1 of the 3 original Cane Self Defense Empowerment Coaches in the USA teaching combat cane self defense, an experienced world traveler, an international cargo pilot, a family man, and creator of The Self Defense Channel.

Doc Stull
I am a retired educator, ESPN radio host/writer/narrator, spoken-word performer, musician, professional American accent trainer with clients word-wide, founder of American Speech Dynamics and, an Advanced Instructor and 1 of the 3 original Cane Self-Defense Empowerment Coaches. 

We truly do not want people to experience the terror of a brutal attack.
It can be physically painful and damaging, as well as mentally damaging.
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