How to Prevent a Carjacking from Happening? A Carjacking May Cost My Life or The Lives of My Passengers – Should I Get Trained by a Professional or Watch a Hollywood Movie?

How to Prevent a Carjacking from Happening? A Carjacking May Cost My Life or The Lives of My Passengers – Should I Get Trained by a Professional or Watch a Hollywood Movie?

Headlines and FBI statistics show that Carjackings are on the rise. Carjackings are scary, most are violent, and the results of a carjacking bad enough, but they could be much worse if you are not prepared.

What if it's not just you who is involved? What if you have a child in the car?
Imagine they steal your car, your phone, your house keys and your personal information of where you live (car registration).
Who could be at risk at your home?
What would you do?

“How should I respond to a Carjacking?”
Waiting until it happens is NOT the answer. Preventing and Surviving a Carjacking involves preparation (and preparation should involve professional reality-based self defense training).

Statistically, most people are paralyzed with fear.

Ask yourself these questions:
“Am I always paying attention to my surroundings?”
“How do Carjackers pick victims?”
“Am I really prepared for a Carjacking?”
“How have I prepared myself in the event I am Carjacked?”
“What if I have minor children in my car?”
“What if the carjackers the information to find my home? Is anyone at my home?”

“The stuff you see in the movies or on TV is for entertainment purposes. It is NOT a substitute for Reality Self Defense Training that can save your Life.”

In this podcast, we will discuss:

  • How “Bad People” target victims, 
  • The most common weapons and tactics used, 
  • Several common methods Bad People use to Carjack victims,

We will also discuss Self Defense Strategies:

  • How to respond to a carjacking, 
  • How to survive a carjacking, 
  • Examples of How to Fight (if circumstances dictate), 
  • The Mental Mindset a victim must have, 
  • and more.

“TRAINING SAVES LIVES when you are under attack!” 

So grab your favorite drink, and listen… This Podcast might just Save Your Life!

The Self Defense Channel is about Reality Based Self Defense Training.
Our goal is to bring awareness to Self Defense Training, what works, and the differences between martial arts, Hollywood & TV myths, and reality based self defense.

Reality Based Self defense training is fun. But being in a real world encounter without knowing self defense is something you never want to repeat!

Reality Based Self Defense?
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About Your Hosts
Greg Pasden
Not only is Greg an expert in reality based self defense training, he is also
a US veteran with over 22 years of military and combat experience,  an international certified instructor and co-owner of COBRA Columbus Self Defense Training – teaching reality based self defense. He is 1 of the 3 original Cane Self Defense Empowerment Coaches in the USA teaching combat cane self defense, an experienced world traveler, an international cargo pilot, a family man, and creator of The Self Defense Channel.

Doc Stull
I am a retired educator, ESPN radio host/writer/narrator, spoken-word performer, musician, professional American accent trainer with clients word-wide, founder of American Speech Dynamics and, an Advanced Instructor and 1 of the 3 original Cane Self-Defense Empowerment Coaches. 

We truly do not want people to experience the terror of a brutal attack.
It can be physically painful and damaging, as well as mentally damaging.
Please listen and share our podcasts with others.

Be Safe.


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