My True Story – Situational Awareness & Serendipity Save me in Berlin, East Germany – Lust & Desire, a Den of Spies, Kidnappers, Lady Luck

My True Story – Situational Awareness & Serendipity Save me in Berlin, East Germany – Lust & Desire, a Den of Spies, Kidnappers, Lady Luck

In this episode of The Self Defense Channel, Doc Stull shares his true story. A story caused by  pursuing a beautiful lady who caught his eye. Was it wise to follow? Was it an illusion? Was it young love? And in retrospect… knowing all that he knows now and being an expert in situational awareness… would he make those same decisions?

Let me provide more background before you listen to this true story…

BERLIN, Feb. 27—The candidate for Mayor of West Berlin was kidnapped today, just three days before the election, as he was being driven to his office.  The candidate, Peter Lorenz, and his captors vanished despite a wide search by the police in which the American and British military joined. Officials suspected that the kidnappers were connected with German leftist radical groups.

Mr. Lorenz sat in the front seat of his black Mercedes sedan when Mr. Sowa picked him up at his home on the Elvirastieg, in the Zehlendorf section. A police guard at the Lorenz home had gone off duty at 7.

A few blocks away, on the Quermaten Weg, with a fcrested park on the left and homes on the right, Mr. Sowa noticed that a woman driving a red Fiat sedan was following them.

At an intersection, the Fiat bumped the Mercedes and both cars stopped: a small blue and yellow Mercedes truck pulled into the main road from a side street and blocked the way.

Driver Is Knocked Out

Mr. Sowa alit from the car to inspect the collision damage and was knocked unconscious. When he came to be heard Mr. Lorenz calling for help, and then Mr. Lorenz’s car drove off. Mr. Sowa said he saw a bearded man of about 30, wearing glasses and a windbreaker and holding a pistol, and that that man had been at the wheel of the truck, with a second man as a passenger.

Mr. Sowa could not tell the police how the kidnappers had left the scene. He was taken to a hospital where he was reported in good condition.

Witnesses — aparently from nearby homes—said that the Mercedes was followed by a red Ford Consul, whose license plate was B‐VE 314. The cars turned left into the park on Onkel‐Tom Strasse, which is intesected by many secluded lanes.

So grab your favorite drink and listen closely… because the tips you learn today just might save your life.

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