Self Defense Classes in Columbus Ohio – Real Life Self Defense Training

Self Defense Classes in Columbus Ohio – Real Life Self Defense Training

Self Defense Training Classes in Columbus, Ohio

COBRA Self Defense in Columbus, Ohio will help you move through the world in a safer way.


We won’t teach you how to bow. We won’t teach you how to wear pajamas. We teach “Real World” scenarios.

We get you ready to overcome a criminal event.

What we teach is not a sport. It’s not a Workout.

It’s not a Dance Routine. We are not training you to win a trophy.

We are training and getting you ready to survive a violent event with a criminal.

By Definition, Criminals don’t follow the Law.

Say “Law Abiding Criminal”

It doesn’t go well does it? (because by definition, criminals do not obey laws).

I give people the skills and the abilities to overcome and survive a violent event.

We know what it’s like to engage people with violence, and this is what we give to our people.

We train our students in a Police Academy format.

Everyone starts together. You don’t need any experience. We answer all your questions. We teach you all the techniques from How to Stand to How to Defend your self against a Firearm.

We teach men, women, children, corporations and businesses all over the world, and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years all over the world.

With this being said…

How can I help you?

COBRA is constantly learning in “The Field” – in the real world – and sharing it with our students.

How can we help you? Let’s talk.

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