Self Defense Training

Through a 100% reality based self defense based curriculum, children, adults, and seniors learn how to defend against real world attacks and common conflicts in a safe, friendly, family environment.

Just a portion of what students will learn…

  • The principles of defense.
  • Awareness and avoidance techniques.
  • Stress and adrenaline response.
  • Effective blocking, punching and kicking.
  • Targets and weapons of the human body.
  • Close range combat, incl. throws and take-downs.
  • Defense against grabs, holds, head locks chokes and more.
  • Ground defense, incl. rape and weapons.
  • Defense against multiple attackers.
  • Defense against knife and pistol attack.

Students learn how to survive a violent encounter through practical, reality based training and self defense training for children, adults and seniors.

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