how to survive a carjacking

Taxi Driver Becomes a Kidnapper | What’s the TAXI Scam? | How Did it End? | Lessons Learned

Have you ever taken a TAXI? I frequently take taxis and about 20 percent of the time, the TAXI driver has tried to SCAM me in one way or another: Extra Fare Longer Route Extortion Luggage Theft Violent Assault and several others  Today I want to share my friends story about his daughter being kidnapped…

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How I Survived a Brutal Car Jacking – Car Jacking Story You Must Hear by Tracie Blaser – “If my story helps 1 person, then it’s all worth it”

Carjackings are happening across the USA on a daily basis. Why?Today’s episode is Part 1 of a 4 part series on How to Survive and Prevent a Carjacking. Meet Tracie BlaserTracie is a recent carjacking survivor and she shares her story with us. The events are horrible, but it could have been much worse. Listen…

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