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How Much Force Can I Legally Use Against an Attacker? Get the Answers from One of America’s Leading Self Defense Attorneys, Wilkes Ellsworth

Be it a Carjacking, a Home Invasion,  or a life threatening event on the street. Get the answers to the most popular legal questions from one of America’s leading self defense attorneys. Today on The Self Defense Channel, attorney Wilkes Ellsworth explains in simple and easy-to-understand terms, what and when can a person use deadly…

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The Latest SCAM Burglars are Using to Case Your Home before they Return to Rob You… or Something Much Worse

Today I want to share with you a version of a SCAM that Burglars use for casing your home before they return to rob You.  Listen Carefully, the story you hear, just might save you from a robbery… or Something much worse. The Self Defense Channel is about Reality Based Self Defense Training. Our goal…

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