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Rise in Violent Crime in the USA. What are you doing about it? Headlines of statistics across the USA are confirming that violent crime and homicides are on the rise in the USA. If you doubt this, then do an internet search on “violent crime in the USA”.Police Departments are having their budgets cut, and…

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Fighting to the Death… Because His Life Depended on It – A Lesson from the Greatest Boxer in History

Fighting to the Death… A Lesson from the Greatest Boxer in History… Because His Life Depended on It. Theogenes – the Boxer from Thasos, Greece. Theogenes was one of the greatest athletes in Greece. He was born in the city of Thasos on the island of the same name in the Aegean Sea. He was…

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What Makes The Self Defense Channel One of the Best Self Defense Podcasts in the World? – Greg and Doc Discuss High Powered Guests, Topics, Mentors and What Fans Want

What has made The Self Defense Channel one of the TOP podcasts in the world? World Class Guests & Topics Some of the World’s TOP Mentors Loyal Fans In this episode, Greg and Doc discuss how the podcast was created, and flourished with the help of world class mentors (Navy SEALS, CIA agents, Army RANGERS,…

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Car Jacking and Abduction Prevention / Parking Lot + Smart Phone + Car = Disaster/ Lock and Relocate

What can I do to prevent a car jacking? What can I do to prevent a kidnapping/abduction? When do most people do the following: Check email? Send a Text? Check their Social Media Status? Most people do these things as soon as they leave work, the mall, ATM, the grocery store and go to their…

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