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Self Defense Classes in Columbus Ohio – Real Life Self Defense Training

Self Defense Training Classes in Columbus, Ohio COBRA Self Defense in Columbus, Ohio will help you move through the world in a safer way. We won’t teach you how to bow. We won’t teach you how to wear pajamas. We teach “Real World” scenarios. We get you ready to overcome a criminal event. What we…

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In this episode of the Self Defense Channel we are going to talk about Travel Safety. Specifically, Hotel Safety, and 10 tips you can use to make your next trip more safe. Yes, there is a longer and more detailed list, as well as training… but I will tell you how you can get that…

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What is The Fastest Way to Learn Self Defense Skills Effectively? Military? Martial Arts? Self Defense School? Go Directly to the Source!

Three Black Belts (2 of which are military veterans as well as self defense instructors) discuss what is the fastest way for someone to learn self defense skills effectively. The answers are unanimous. The answers are well explained. The answers apply to skilled as well as un-skilled people. The answers apply to people with or…

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Huge Self Defense Mistakes – Working Out in the Gym Does NOT Equate to Self Defense Skills – Meet World Class Body Builder Aaron Baulch

Working out in the gym: Does NOT develop one’s self defense skills, Does NOT develop the proper mindset,  Does NOT develop situational awareness,  Does NOT develop fighting skills,  Does NOT develop tactics,  Does NOT develop good judgement,  … but it might develop an Over Inflated Ego that could lead to a Free ride to the…

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The Self Defense Channel is Reality Based Self Defense – Real Life Self Defense Skills

Welcome to The Self Defense Channel Bad people exist. Your odds of a successful Self Defense are monumentally greater if you are prepared. After studying hundreds of attacks, I know what works, I know what doesn’t work, And I know many programs that ineffective and will probably get you killed in a real life Self…

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