self defense in columbus

How to Defend Yourself in a World of Rising Crime: Active Shooter, Emergency Room Violence, Airline Violence, Train Rapes, Campus Intruders, and the Cops will Arrest Everyone! … and More!

This episode is packed with Self Defense information. We need to share this because of: Rapidly Rising Crime Rates Active Shooter Events Emergency Room Violence Train Rapes Inflight Assaults Campus Inturders … and wen want everybody to know what they can do to defend themselves, their family, and the innocent in need.  TRAINING SAVES LIVES! When…

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Self Defense Classes for Women of Ohio State and Otterbein

Self Defense Classes for Women who attend The Ohio State University and Otterbein College. Violent Crime in the central Ohio is on the rise. Columbus Police officers – who I think are doing a great job – are being minimized with politics. As a result, criminals are feeling more empowered, and who are they targeting?…

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