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The Most Idiotic Advice Everyone Should Absolutely AVOID if You Want to Survive a Fight or Self Defense Situation – 4 Self Defense Mistakes

A funny – and tragic – story on Black Widows leads to my Top 4 List of the most Idiotic Tips that should be absolutely AVOIDed if you want to survive a fight or survive in a Self Defense Situation. Over the next 10 minutes you will learn what I think are the Top 4…

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“Resistance is NOT Futile” – Foreign and Domestic Adversaries will Always Fear this Mindset – Hunters Do More Than Just Put Meat in the Freezer

Foreign and Domestic Adversaries will Always Fear this Strategy – Hunters Do More Than Just Put Meat in the Freezer. What is an Adversary? An adversary is an enemy – an unfriendly opponent – a group or person who wants to defeat you, make you comply to their demands, or subjugate you. In Sci-Fi terms –…

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Rise in Violent Crime in the USA. What are you doing about it? Headlines of statistics across the USA are confirming that violent crime and homicides are on the rise in the USA. If you doubt this, then do an internet search on “violent crime in the USA”.Police Departments are having their budgets cut, and…

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“Here’s to the good times, here’s to the bad times, and the memories we’ll always have.” Memorial Day Video by Mat Best

Memorial Day Video by Mat Best “Here’s to the good times, here’s to the bad times, and the memories we’ll always have.” The most simple words, the most direct phrases, often land the hardest. As the nation winds down its longest war, maybe this Memorial Day weekend lands a little differently for some. But most…

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What Makes The Self Defense Channel One of the Best Self Defense Podcasts in the World? – Greg and Doc Discuss High Powered Guests, Topics, Mentors and What Fans Want

What has made The Self Defense Channel one of the TOP podcasts in the world? World Class Guests & Topics Some of the World’s TOP Mentors Loyal Fans In this episode, Greg and Doc discuss how the podcast was created, and flourished with the help of world class mentors (Navy SEALS, CIA agents, Army RANGERS,…

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Become a Jedi Knight & Unleash Your Inner Badass! – Michelle C Smith – Founder of Freestyle Staff Spinning – Stunt Woman/Actress/Public Speaker

Meet Michelle C. Smith – Stunt Woman, Actress, Public Speaker, and “Inner Badass” Instructor. Michelle has developed the “Online Badass Academy” that involves Fitness and Skill in the form of Freestyle Staff Spinning – I view it as the Jedi Knight training academy.This training will not only get you fit, but it will also work…

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How to Survive an Active Shooter Event? – Campus Intruder – Workplace Violence – Mall Shootings – What’s The Solution? Listen and Learn

Active Shooter Events (also known as Active Intruder) are an example of what happened at Columbine, Las Vegas concert, Pensacola Naval Air Station, and many other public places where Soft Targets exist for psychopaths. Active Shooter/Active Intruder/Terrorist Events are becoming more common. It’s not just with a gun. Criminals are using machetes, swords, bats, axes,…

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“It Cannot Happen to ME” – Challenging Karma? – The Greatest Personal Danger is a False Sense of Security

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I don’t need to worry about that. It will NEVER happen to me.” This is like screaming for the attention of Karma and Murphy’s Law. Why challenge fate? Why put yourself at Risk? In today’s episode, Doc shares how he twice thwarted a fate that could have been gravely…

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Unofficial Benefits of Self Defense Training – Sexiness? Spidey Sense? Confidence? – The Side Effects of Training

These are only a FEW Unofficial Benefits of Self Defense Training CAUTION – DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS SHOW – THERE ARE UNPAID FOR SIDE EFFECTS THAT YOU MAY NOT WANT TO CATCH! Self Defense training prepares us How to live in today’s society and return home safely. That’s the ultimate goal. But there are…

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