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Taxi Driver Becomes a Kidnapper | What’s the TAXI Scam? | How Did it End? | Lessons Learned

Have you ever taken a TAXI? I frequently take taxis and about 20 percent of the time, the TAXI driver has tried to SCAM me in one way or another: Extra Fare Longer Route Extortion Luggage Theft Violent Assault and several others  Today I want to share my friends story about his daughter being kidnapped…

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Ghost Taxis – A Travel Safety Story – A True Taxi Scam Story Where Life and Death was on the Line

Scams happen everywhere. In foreign countries, Americans worldwide are known as the favored targets by the criminal element. Criminals believe that all Americans are rich or wealthy. They also know that most Americans lack self defense skills. Meaning – Most Americans are easy and Soft Targets. According to the National Crime Survey and Bureau of…

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